We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

July 17, 2018

Cadence is part of the prestigious Sinclair family. She’s the first born grandchild and heir to the money and the family island, Beechwood. Everyone knows of the Sinclairs and how noone outside the family is welcome. They’re a beautiful family made of blonde hair, distinguished features and an obsession for owning pretty things. There are no losers, no broken minds and they’re all normal… 

Beechwood is a world of its own where the family comes together every summer and enjoy their luxurious lifestyle on the secluded island. Between grand meals and bathing on the beach, the aunts fight over their inheritance and grandfather Harris makes it clear, what being a Sinclair means. But then a terrible accident happens, an accident that Cadence can’t remember due to a head injury that results in painful migraines. When she returns to the island two years later, her cousins and greatest love, Gat, won’t tell her what happened. Cadence now has until the end of summer to peace the puzzle together and mend her broken mind while trying to remain a normal Sinclair.  

I first read this book in 2016 and decided to pick it up again for the very simple reason that I remembered loving it but had forgotten half of the book. I knew there was a twist I didn’t see coming last time either and for some crazy reason I had forgotten this MAJOR event. But forgetting the most important thing of the story wasn’t so bad because it meant I got to re-read this book without knowing what would come next all the time. It didn’t disappoint one bit.

We Were Liars was just as amazing, horribly haunting and beautiful as the first time I read it. Lockhart’s writing is nothing but inspirational. The way she captures moments and atmospheres and the way she describes feelings like pain and love is extraordinary. I love this book and this will not be my last re-read.