The Perfect Halloween Book

October 19, 2021

The perfect Halloween Book… Is that promising too much? Maybe, because we all have different reading tastes. However, in the most convincing way possible, I will try to make you cross over to the Dark Side. It’s fun here, I swear!

It’s getting colder and the nights are getting darker. We move inside under blankets with hot chocolate and light candles for maximum hygge. It’s a season particularly loved by readers, because we don’t get distracted by sunshine and fun outdoor plans. Many of us are changing out the Rom-Com beach reads with thrillers, murder mysteries and dark magic. If you, like me, have read maaany dark books and a few monsters or a Boogeyman doesn’t scare you anymore, this one’s for you.

House of Hollow is by far the most twisted and insanely addictive book I have read in a long time. It’s filled with beautiful writing, weird settings and downright gory scenes. It also has a strong otherworldly atmosphere and reality becomes a little blurry at times. As for the characters, I can only say wow. I don’t hate anyone – and I usually do when the main characters are teenagers. Everyone has a clear, distinct personality and there are many different dynamics involved between them. It never gets boring to follow them around!

Curious by now? Ready to hear what it’s all about? Okay then. The Hollow Sisters – Grey, Vivi and Iris – were kidnapped as children but returned safely at the same spot a month later. They came back more beautiful and with a strong manipulative skill but none of them remember exactly what happened. Or so it seems. For years they try to move on but then Grey (now a worshipped international model and designer) goes missing and the two younger sisters fear the worst.

To put more wood on the fire, a horned man starts chasing Vivi and Iris into Grey’s glamorous world. Here, secrets and occult obsessions trigger something in Iris and slowly, her memories begin to return. Her idolised older sister might not turn out to be the good guy in this dark, dark fairytale.

There is so much more for you to explore in this (surprisingly short) book. I could easily have swallowed 300 more pages of eerie Sisterhood because this book is unlike anything I have ever read.

House of Hollow book cover

Do you believe me now when I declare House of Hollow the perfect Halloween book? Read it for yourself to find out! Also, check out other people’s review on Goodreads.

Goodreads rating: 4,1/5
Pages: 304 (which still blows my mind with the amount of content we get)

*Trigger warning. I will be honest without spoiling anything. You should NOT read this book if you are easily spooked or have any issues with bugs, blood or gory scenes.*

If you have read this amazing product of the Dark Side, let me know how you feel about it.

Also remember to hit me up on my socials below so we can chat more about books. I’m always looking for Fall vibes recommendations.

Until next time (where you’ll get a full list of Spooky Books for Halloween), bye booklions!

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