Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

November 23, 2018

Lauren Graham re-visits the show that made fans all over the world want to live in a small, crazy town like Stars Hollow. She talks about the first era of her acting career, before she landed the iconic role of Lorelai, and later walk us through terrible fashion choices and funny mishaps on the set. Welcome back to the beloved Gilmore Girls.

Biographies are usually very much a case of hit-or-miss for me. It has to be centred around a person I find interesting and the content has to be compelling and fresh. If it’s basically just a detailed work list (like which shows an actress has been a part of etc.) I won’t spend my time on it. If, however, it’s a compilation of funny anecdotes, time on set of a beloved TV show and personal growth through trying times, I’m on board. The latter is exactly what Talking as Fast as I Can is all about.

It’s impossible to be completely objective in this review as I have been a huge Gilmore Girls fan for years and it definitely had some impact on my experience. I loved being back in Stars Hollow with Lorelai, ahem, Lauren Graham.. And it was very interesting to hear the story of how she ended up with the greatest role of her life. I read this as an audiobook because Lauren narrates it herself and it sounded so much like Lorelai, she could have been talking about horses and I would still have loved it. Sometimes her humour seemed a bit strained or awkward but as part of the Gilmore Girls experience, it matched well.

In my opinion, the story was tied perfectly together with Gilmore Girls being the main focus in the beginning and in the end. From Lauren’s first meeting with Alexis (Rory) to the last 4 words of the new revival series on Netflix and oh is it possible, maybe, could it be that the end feels more like a cliffhanger? Dun dun duuun! Lauren teases this again and again throughout the book – not as a spoiler or leak but what seems to be, in her opinion, a way too open end to an epic show. I agree.

I hope to see more Gilmore Girls revival episodes (or even a movie) and it was a blast to hear Lorelai, darn it, Lauren go through every season of the show and explain weird fashion choices or funny behind-the-scenes action. If you too are a full-blooded Gilmore fan you will love this book. If you’re not, you might still enjoy it but you will miss A LOT of references and i highly suggest you get started on the show asap!

Page count: 224
Goodreads rating: 3,9/5

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