Spectacle by Megan Rose Gedris

April 24, 2018

Pragmatic engineer Anna works as a psychic in the Samson Brothers Circus, but she doesn’t believe in anything supernatural—until her twin sister Kat is murdered and comes back as a very demanding ghost. With few leads, a troupe full of secretive folk, and strange paranormal occurrences popping up around the circus, solving the case seems near impossible.

I was pleasantly surprised by this graphic novel. Sometimes, graphic works are just too short or too simple to connect with properly, but it certainly wasn’t the case with Spectacle. The story revolves around a murder mystery in circus settings which is a cool and refreshing concept that works really well. Our main character, Anna the fake psychic, is trying to find the killer in a world of “freaks” and acrobats where everyone seems to have suspicious pasts and secrets, they’re not willing to share. Although I didn’t like the drawing style I got used to it and I appreciate the humor that is put into facial expressions and awkward situations. A solid graphic novel that I would definitely recommend and I am for sure going to read volume 2.

A big thanks to NetGalley for an early copy of Spectacle!

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