SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

November 30, 2018

While a war rages around them, two soldiers from opposite sides fall in love. However, when their love results in a mixed child, it brings chaos and destruction to an old universe and both sides try their best to make this problem disappear. From kings to payed assassins, everyone seems to be chasing after the quirky family who’s just trying to survive and keep their baby safe.

Oh you guys.. I’m so sad I didn’t jump on this hype train sooner! I can only say that, from my perspective, all the attention Saga has gotten, from first release until now, has been solid and justified. It’s only a graphic novel, but you get so engrossed in the story and so invested in the world that it’s an amazing experience beyond just reading the text and looking at cool pictures.

The story itself is pretty dark and edgy, a war is raging and people have chosen sides, but it’s still filled with humor and really weird characters/creatures that lighten the tone. We start the tale with a child being born and 2 minutes later mommy dearest is up and running away from her prosecutors. The hectic beginning sets the pace and atmosphere for the rest of the comic as its a fast-paced, action-packed story about love and war.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the next volumes (thanks to my dear sister-in-law for getting me addicted)! I recommend this unusual story to anyone looking for a dark sci-fi comic with good humor and unique elements. However, there are some rather explicit scenes throughout the pages, so if you’re not comfortable with a rough art style, this probably isn’t for you OR you can try it out again in a few years. Love, love LOVE IT!

Page count: 176
Volumes so far: 9
Goodreads rating: 4.2/5

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