Remus Rising by Jonathan Williamson

September 21, 2018

Remus has spend what seems like an eternity in the Underworld preparing his revenge. He wants to bring down his brother’s legacy – the Roman Empire. To achieve his goal, he has gathered an army of mythical creatures to help him destroy anyone who stands in his way.

When Roman Legionaries march north through Britannia, Marcus (a veteran soldier) can’t help noticing a threat in the air. Their surroundings are too quiet and flocks of birds are flying south out of season. When they explore a nearby village they discover the dead body of a Satyr – a creature they all thought only existed in stories. They bring the body back to camp but when they are attacked by a group of Minotaurs, they begin to understand that someone has gathered these violent creatures for a purpose. This sets off a series of battles and spying missions with more wicked creatures and slowly the soldiers make their way to the centre of the disruption – Remus.

Remus Rising is a mix of history and fantasy and the balance between the two is really great. You quickly understand why the Roman Empire had such a long reign, when you’re introduced to their skills on the battle field. The descriptive writing also makes it easy to imagine the scenes in your head and it reminded me of The Eagle (check outΒ The Eagle on IMDB). The fantasy elements of dark magic and mythical creatures is super cool and although I’ve always preferred ancient Greece over the Roman Empire I was definitely rooting for these brave soldiers.

I will say that I could have used a bit of an introduction or background story, just to understand Remus’ position better as well as an overview of the army structure – it took me a little while to understand the command levels (Legate, Praefectus, Centurion etc).

However, I was very entertained by this action-packed story and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in mythical creatures and/or history with a good punch to it!

Page count:Β 146

I was happy to receive this copy directly from the author, Jonathan, who is currently working on book two in this series. You can stay tuned on his progress by following the link to his twitter below, find more info on Goodreads or get your own copy of Remus Rising at Amazon.

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