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February 7, 2020

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Welcome (back) to my blog! If you’ve known me over the last 6 months, you know that I’ve been quite stressed. I got a job that demanded more of me than any job should and it showed – both in my social life and reading habits. I would read a lot for few days and then hardly touch a book the next week and this routine continued. That’s why I gave up making monthly Wrap-Ups. Well, I quit my job, which is nerve-wracking but also gives me some space to breathe again – and hopefully get my happy routines back on track.

Since my reading has been all over the place, I decided to wrap it all up in a Recent Reads compilation. If I (and you) like this better than a monthly reading status, I might continue wrapping up my reading in this style.

Anyway, sorry for the long intro kids! Here are the books I’ve read recently:

Truly Devious Trilogy by Maureen Johnson
I finished the first two books, Truly Devious and The Vanishing Stair, pretty quickly in November and December and then waited impatiently for book 3. Once it was in my hands, I dived right back into this amazing universe. I looove this mystery series because it includes so much more than just “who did it?“. It contains multiple time-lines, mental health issues, LGBT representation and great plot twists. I will definitely be cooking up a thorough review soon!

Page count: book 1 (416) book 2 (369) book 3 (384)
My ratings: book 1 (4/5) book 2 (4/5) book 3 (5/5) – WHOLE SERIES: 5/5

Link to Goodreads: Truly Devious on Goodreads

Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins
This companion novel to The Royals was just as cute and fluffy as the first book. It was by no means a revolutionary story,  in fact it’s very predictable. Nonetheless, we get Scotland, royal snobs, awkward moments and a few familiar faces – what’s not to like? Well, the characters kind of. Our two MCs are interesting but everyone else is pretty much room fillers. A good read if you’re sick, in need of a pallet cleanser or dealing with a reading slump.

Page count: 274
My rating: 3/5

Link to Goodreads: Her Royal Highness on Goodreads
Link to my review: Her Royal Highness Review

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Cinder, Scarlett, Cress & Fairest)
This series doesn’t need much introduction. The Lunar Chronicles is a very popular YA fantasy world that I’m just a biiit late for. I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to retellings and I’ve had mixed feelings so far. I really liked Cinder, did NOT like Scarlet, thought Cress was entertaining but too long and Fairest was quite interesting. What I hate about this series though, is that everyone has to be paired up. It seems very 1950’s and I think YA has come a along way since then.

Page count: Cinder (400) Scarlet (454) Cress (552) Fairest (222)
My ratings: Cinder (4/5) Scarlet (2,5/5) Cress (3/5) Fairest (4/5) – WHOLE SERIES(ISH): 3/5

Link to Goodreads: The Lunar Chronicles on Goodreads

Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks
This psychological thriller was entertaining and capturing from the beginning. Our MC enters a study of ethics overseen by a top notch psychologist- with a hidden agenda. This story is pretty hardcore and includes paranoia, trust issues, manipulation, scheming etc. If these are things that triggers you personally, steer clear. If, however, you find the grey area of right vs. wrong entertaining, pick this book up right now!

Page count: 375
My rating: 5/5

Link to Goodreads: An Anonymous Girl on Goodreads

The M Word by Brian Conaghan
Th M Word was.. a different reading experience. I did not like it and I won’t be remembering this one for years. The story itself was okay and something obviously intrigued me enough to finish the book. The MC is a disturbed girl with a bad habit and the death of a close friend is haunting her. There is a heavy trigger warning here for depression and self harm which are important issues to portray, absolutely. However, this rather short book took me too long to finish because it’s filled with slang, confusing dialogue and unclear relationships. It just did not work for me. 

Page count: 320
My rating: 2.75/5

Link to Goodreads: The M Word on Goodreads

The Snow Queen by H.C. Andersen
At the end of December I was craving something magical and, honestly, short. I found one of my favorite winter fairytales by H.C. Andersen which fit the description perfectly. I read this tale of friendship and darkening of the heart years ago and it was just as wonderful to read as an adult. It has a wonderful message that’s both great for kids and important for adults to revisit.

Page count: 96
My rating: 5/5

Link to Goodreads: The Snow Queen on Goodreads

That’s it for my recent reads (that I remember at the moment). Like I said, I might continue with this type of wrap-up in the future but we’ll see where my reading takes me. In the meantime, why don’t you check out some of my reviews and recommendations or track me down on social media
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