Printable for Readers

3,00 $

This printable for readers bundle contain awesome schedules and templates with fun graphics and visually pleasing design. It will help you organize your reading and make it fun to track books and pages through your reading journey.


Included in this bundle:

  • A monthly TBR schedule (2 sheets of 6 months each)
  • Weekly schedule for tracking amount of pages read
  • Book bingo template (assign yourself 16 reading challenges)
  • Story templates for Instagram
  • Two wallpapers for your phone
  • Three unique bookmarks

The sizes vary according to template type but you can adjust it when printing. If you print out all schedules and the book bingo you can combine them into one cozy reading journal. You can also use the schedules etc. digitally as PDF files. With one download, you can enjoy using these templates over and over gain.

Advice: When printing the bookmarks, you may want to choose a thicker paper for a sturdier bookmark. You can also choose to “print on both sides” so the bookmark is reversible.