Obsidio by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

November 18, 2018

(If you have not read the first 2 books in the series (ILLUMINAE and GEMINA) I highly recommend that you do so first – this review will not make much sense otherwise.)

In this explosive finalé to the ILLUMINAE FILES series all our heroes stand united. Although they have all experienced enough loss and sorrow for a lifetime, they won’t give into BeiTech’s evil rule. On a final mission that will either save the last survivors on Kerenza IV or kill them all, the end will come. One thing is for sure, the universe will know our heroes’ story one way or another. 

When Nik and Hanna join Kady and Ezra it’s supposed to be a warm and welcoming affair but Hanna is numbed by grief over the loss of her father and Nik is considered a criminal and gets excluded and discriminated. Back on Kerenza IV the last survivors of the BeiTech attack are rebelling the best they can against their captives. One of these, Asha grant (Kady’s cousin) is in for a treat when her ex-boyfriend shows up – wearing a BeiTech uniform.

In all this chaos, we have AIDAN. Protected by Kady, it decides that while mankind research and fight, only it knows what has to be done to beat the odds and it isn’t pretty. In fact, AIDAN knows very well that for Kady to live, it has to become the monster of this story.

I was waiting patiently for the grand finalé so I could finish this series off in 2018 and know what would happen to some very beloved characters. Because I was so blown away by ILLUMINAE I really wanted to love OBSIDIO from the beginning but unfortunately the love wasn’t so strong this time. Don”t get me wrong, I love this series and would recommend it to anyone who loves action, space, humor and/or tech but it was a bit.. unfulfilling. It took a while before anything exciting actually happened and when things took off, it was too much at once as though they realized, they only had so many pages left to pack it all into. With that being said, I loved being back in the world and the authors once again perfected the balance between techy space science and emotional conflicts.

As for the characters, I will always, always favor AIDAN. Kaufman and Kristoff somehow created an artificial intelligence we can love and feel for. AIDAN explores so many of man’s best and worst features. In OBSIDIO it begins to recite poems, crack jokes and most important of all, its affection for Kady grows. I’m not a fan of Asha Grant however. I understand there had to be a strong voice on site of Kerenza IV but as a character I found her dull and the ex-boyfriend situation was too much of a cliche that feels outplayed in YA. The evilness of BeiTech is exquisite. Your hate for them will grow even stronger in this book but they are truly a well-made villainous bunch that aren’t easily outwitted or overcome with any kind of guilt.

Overall, this was an action-packed roller coaster ride that didn’t made my stomach flutter like the first two books in the series but I was pleased to be back in the world and AIDAN was once again everything. Although I wasn’t as invested this time, it was an explosive conclusion to one of my favorite series and I will definitely be revisiting the world next year.


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