Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

January 10, 2020

Millie Quint thinks she’s the luckiest girl alive until her best friend turned almost-lover starts smooching her ex again. Millie originally got accepted to a very prestigious college in Scotland but had quickly abandoned the idea of going far, far away. Now, with everything crumbling around her, she decides to do it anyway – run away to Scotland and hopefully a new beginning. 

And a new beginning is exactly what Millie gets! From the moment she sets foot on Gregorstoun, a snobby elite college in the middle of nowhere, she has no time to wonder about her troubles at home. Her classmates’ parents are dukes and counts and while Millie don’t mind the tea, she can’t follow along with the court intrigue and ball gossip.

Worst of all is her roommate. Spoiled, selfish and entitled, Flora is the worst little diva princess – and an actual Scottish princess. She doesn’t hide the fact that she hates being at Gregorstoun and more then once she gets Millie tangled up in her attempts to get expelled. However, as the two roommates are forced to spend time together – both in their living quarters and shared punishment for making trouble – a spark is lit.

Millie is beyond conflicted. She doesn’t want to be hurt again by a girl who can’t commit and she doesn’t know what Flora is allowed to do in regards to her romantic life. She also has a family at home to consider, not to mention a royal family to fear. Where does a simple Texas girl go from here?

The characters in this book definitely carry the story. The plot itself isn’t much to speak of, as the study abroad aspect is nothing new. Flora is a complicated character who most would be quick to judge in real life too. However, on the inside she’s just an insecure girl in need of someone who wants her not her title. She makes trouble everywhere she goes because she knows, that’s what people expect of her.

Millie is the typical cinderella girl. The royal life couldn’t be further from her daily routine and she’s both quirky and sweet. She has a fondness for rocks and nature and Scotland seems to be a perfect fit. Although she doesn’t have much experience in love or partying, she’s a clever and ambitious girl. A sympathetic (and somewhat naive) MC.

As always, there’s a few sets of friends but they’re basically just page fillers and don’t really get their own story. I definitely prefer Royals in that regard. We got more characters in the spotlight than just two girls and more internal drama within the different groups.

I won’t claim that you have to read Royals before diving into Her Royal Highness but it will make more sense. There are characters and references to the first book which are more fun, when you get the connection. Overall, this was cute and fluffy (and a perfect read when I was sick) but I won’t claim it a memorable experience. If you’re looking for a fun, predictable romance – go for it!

You can check out more info about the book along with more ratings here on Goodreads.

Page count: 274
Goodreads rating: 3.8/5 

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