Gina From Siberia by Jane Bernstein

June 17, 2018

Gina From Siberia is a short and funny tale about Gina who gets to experience what it means to uproot your family and try your luck in a completely different country. Now, this may sound like something you have heard about in the news, read about in books or seen in movies – but have you ever gotten the story through the perspective of a dog?

That’s right, Gina is a dog and she lives a happy and comfortable life in Siberia where she loves the food, the snow and her friends. When her family decides to move, she is determined to be unhappy. However, when she sees what her family is capable of and willing to risk just so they can bring her with them, she might have to re-evaluate her decision.

This story is based on real events and although the tone of the graphic novel is very light, you’re left with a strong impression of what the family has to go through. Gina describe all the things she sees on her travels – different animals, food, people and how Mother and Father cried. The drawing style is really nice too, it’s detailed and quirky and fits the story well.

It’s a perfect book for children to learn about other cultures, immigrants and the hardship of leaving your country (it’s also an interesting story that youngsters and adults can appreciate). As short as it was, I enjoyed it and I recommend it as a children’s gift or a quick cultural read.

Thank you NetGalley and Animal Media Group for this early copy of Gina From Siberia!

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