Furyborn by Claire Legrand

October 6, 2018

Two fiercely independent young women, centuries apart, hold the power to save their world or doom it. Their destinies are connected and in the air an unfulfilled prophecy looms of two queens, a Blood Queen and a Sun Queen.

Rielle has been hidden away by her father in order to prevent her from hurting other people with her out of control powers, but it has made her lonely and rebellious. The only escape from her restrained life is Audric, her friend and greatest love – also the king’s son. When her powers are discovered, she is forced to go through a set of trials, proving that her powers are meant for good and is not a weapon to destroy the kingdom.

A thousand years later, Eliana is killing Red Crown rebels for the Empire in order to feed her family. She has closed her heart off to the pleas and screams of her victims so it won’t consume her. The only one who can soften her hard shell is Harkan, her partner and lover. When Eliana’s mother goes missing she meets The Wolf, an infamous Red Crown rebel, and she starts doubting what her best options are to find her mother – as well as where her loyalty lies.

It’s really hard to rate this book since it’a a 500 pages read that included things I really liked, things I hated and a lot of meh in-between. It often seemed like there was nothing but fighting scenes and near death-trials, yet it was slow-paced and definitely not a quick read. The main characters, Rielle and Eliana, are so similar in thought process as well as their arrogant, provocative personalities that besides the time period and their surroundings changing, it didn’t feel like a big shift when we switched POV. It was exhausting at times how oh so cool and badass they acted and it’s a shame, since we’ve seen badass girls in other stories so much more sympathetic and well-made. My final issue is that although the world itself is pretty cool, so many things reminded me of other books. The trials and making the crowd love the MC reminded me of Hunger Games. The world map, old saints, lady of coin and the Archon reminded me of Game of Thrones etc. So when it comes to originality, it doesn’t get top marks from me.

Let’s get positive now! In spite of my mentioned issues, it was a very entertaining read. I love when magic is based on the elements (which reminded me of Avatar.. okay NOW I’m done!) and I am quite the sucker for “the chosen one” so I did find the prophecy of the two queens very cool. Although I thought the MC’s were too similar, it was nice to see, how the actions in Rielle’s world affected the foundation for Eliana’s world. As for the side-characters, they complimented the main characters well and sometimes even softened out the things I found irritating.

So as you can tell, I definitely have some issues with this book but at the same time I was very entertained by the story. I will probably continue this series as Kingsbane (the second book in the series) is due in spring next year and I’m feeling more positive than negative about the continued journey.

Expected publication date for Kingsbane (book #2) : May 21st 2019
(You can pre-order Kingsbane through the link below)

Page count: 501
Goodreads rating: 3.8 /5

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