Fear of the Dark by Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia (Shadowman Vol. 1)

May 10, 2018

Unbeknownst to him, Jack was fated to become the next in a long lineage of Shadowmen – mortals bound to violent voodoo spirits of immense power – that could safeguard our world against incursions from realms beyond. For years, he struggled to control the loa’s murderous urges – a battle he eventually lost. But now, after years of self-imposed exile, the man once known as Shadowman is returning home.

I loved this graphic novel and flew right through it until I got to the final page which, of course, is a major cliffhanger. Well, I’ll be waiting for the next volume. The New Orleans setting mixed with some old juju myths was a really cool take on this fantasy drama. It contained magic, fighting, monsters and the land of the dead all portrayed through beautiful artwork with atmospheric drawing and colors. My only negative point is the many names and elements that aren’t really introduced/explained so if you’re not already into juju and voodoo, you might get confused: Alyssa (MC) is a mambo and former abettor, jack (MC) is Shadowman – so far, kinda so good. But there’s also Baron Samedi, Papa Legba, the Pantheon, the Ziwanda and so on.. my advice is to make little notes on the side while reading and then otherwise just enjoy the adventure.

Thank you NetGalley for providing this copy of Shadowman Volume 1