Cozy Books for the Holidays

December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas friends!

It’s been a while (thank you library intership and exam season) and now it’s actually Christmas. I know right, how did this happen?! We only have a week left to reach those reading goals. If you’re looking for some cozy reads that won’t take up all your time, you’re in luck. I have gathered a thorough list of cozy goodies – and not just the titles you see everywhere. I got you some romance, some chills and some classic Christmas tales. What they all have in common is that they’re easy reads with lots of atmosphere. That way you can still get your cooking, sledding and cocoa drinking done.

Check out the categories below and take your pick among these cozy books for the Holidays: 

Cozy Romance

one day in december book cover
the Christmas escape book cover
a holly jolly diwali book cover
a cross-country christmas
in a holidaze
the geek who saved christmas book cover

For some reason, we can handle a lot more cheese around the Holidays. Those bad Hallmark movies and corny insta-loves suddenly becomes a must this time of year. While all these books are different in plot and culture, they are similar in cozy, cheesy setups full of joy, love and hope.

Cozy Crime

truly devious cover
The Hunting party book cover
sherlock holmes christmas

Truly Devious probably doesn’t need much introduction by now. All you need to know is that this YA mystery takes place in snowy Vermont. The Hunting Party is less teen friendly, taking place in a cold and remote Scottish mansion on New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, Sherlock Holmes doesn’t get to rest during Christmas when a client claims, she is haunted by a demonic spiritAll three books are full of mystery, atmosphere and cozy vibes. Perfect options for a dark Wintery read.

Cozy Classics

a christmas carol book cover
little women book cover
narnia book cover

There’s just something about returning to a familiar story. A Christmas Carol is self-explanatory and Little Women has become a favorite around the Holidays – the movie too. These classics are easy to read and (for many) full of nostalgia. Narnia might be the joker here, but each book in the series is short. The first thing you think of is probably a Winter Wonderland full of magic and talking animals. What’s not to love?

Cozy Middlegrade

amari and the night brothers book cover
the night I met father christmas book cover
book cover of Nevermoor
a boy called Christmas book cover
the Vanderbeekers book cover
greenglass house book cover

Middlegrade books have a certain anything-is-possible vibe about them. They’re especially magical if the childish part of your soul is still intact. The amount of joy I get from reading whimsical stories about young heroes is indescribable. If you also crave adventure and heart-warming relationships, these books are for you.

That’s it for now folks!

Are you adding some of the books from this list to your Holiday TBR?

Or can you recommend other cozy books for the Holidays? Let us all know in a comment.

Don’t forget to find me on my social media below so we can geek out about books together. Until next time booklions! 

And once again, a very merry Christmas to you all.

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