Most Anticipated Asian Books

January 21, 2022

Asian influence is absolutely a trend in the upcoming releases of 2022 and I’m not mad about it. I adore Asian cultures – especially Japanese and Korean mythology and folklore. I’m a mixed kid so I’ve always been surrounded by different cultures. I grew up watching Bollywood movies, Anime, K-dramas and playing video games – all in different languages. To this day, I still prefer Asian food, music, TV shows, cartoons and books. So no, I am definitely not mad about this trend. If you’re new to Asian culture or mythology, just let these gorgeous covers seduce you. Each cover is a link taking you directly to the book’s Goodreads page for more details.

Here are my most anticipated Asian books (so far in 2022):Β 

daughter of the moon goddess book cover

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

Asian roots: China
Genre: Fantasy, gods, mythology, romance, YA

Birthday: January 11th

the red palace book cover

The Red Palace by
June Hur

Asian roots: Japan
Genre: Historical, palace, mystery, thriller, YA

Birthday: January 25th

this woven kingdom book cover

This Woven Kingdom by
Tahereh Mafi

Asian roots: Persia
Genre: Fantasy, mythology, Jinn, empire, YA

Birthday: February 1st

the girl who fell beneath the sea book cover

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh

Asian roots: Korea
Genre: Fantasy, gods, spirits, mythology, YA

Birthday: February 25th

a thousand steps into night book cover

A Thousand Steps Into Night by Traci Chee

Asian roots: Japan
Genre: Fantasy, demons, curse, mythology, YA

Birthday: March 1st

a magic steeped in poison book cover

A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy I. Lin

Asian roots: China
Genre: Fantasy, mythology, poison, historical, YA

Birthday: March 22nd

my sister's big fat indian weeding book cover

My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding by Sajni Patel

Asian roots: India
Genre: Contemporary, music, wedding, rom-com, YA

Birthday: April 19th

the noh family book cover

The Noh Family by
Grace K. Shim

Asian roots: Korea
Genre: Contemporary, lost family, Kdrama, YA

Birthday: May 3rd

As I’ve already mentioned, these are my most anticipated Asian books for now.Β I don’t know what surprises await in the second half of the year. If more amazing books with Asian influence are released, I might make a part two.

Is there any other book that should be on this list? Let me know in a comment or hit me up on my socials below.

Until next time friends.

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