And the Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness

October 27, 2018

 Bathsheba is part of a whale crew who loves hunting and killing men. Led by their captain Alexandra, they attack a ship full of men, only to find a trail of the devil himself – a notorious whale killer. With a final hunt for their greatest enemy, they change the world for both men and whales.

Before anything else, let’s just take a moment to gush over that AMAZING cover! They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to actual books, we do. All the time. Unfortunately, I preferred the cover over the story – let me tell you why.

I was very confused when I began this journey. Was the main character man, whale or alien? It was in fact a man-hunting whale. Okay then. I’m used to being a little confused when I read Patrick Ness books but I usually get into the story and understand more as I go along. In fact, I loved When a Monster Calls and thought The Rest of Us Just Live Here was a cool concept.

This book though, was just overall confusing and not at all exciting. I appreciate the creativity, how Ness tries to turn the clasic Moby Dick story around and show the cruelty of men through the whales’ relentless hunt. As a book to analyze and compare to Moby Dick it’s great – for a high school class. As a book to read for your own enjoyment, it fails. It’s gotten mixed reviews but still has a solid score of 3,7 out of 5 on Goodreads, so maybe it’s just a hit or miss book and you might enjoy it.

I’ve read so many good books lately, I can’t remember the last title I rated below 7, so I’m sad to break the spell. I just can’t  recommend it to everyone with good conscience, but if you love Moby Dick or you’re a hardcore Patrick Ness fan, give it a go. If you do (or if you have already read it) let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

Page count: 160
Goodreads rating: 3,7/5

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