An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

September 12, 2018

Isobel is a skilled portrait painter who is favored by fair folk of the season courts. They come from far away to get a piece of her mortal craft and one day she is honored to receive the Autumn prince himself. However, Isobel makes the terrible mistake of painting sorrow in the eyes of the prince, Rook, which is seen as a weakness, and he takes her to his fairy court against her will to pay for her crimes.

Our story takes off in the funny little town of Whimsy, a human village where fair folk often visit to get their hands on mortal crafts. The villagers worship the fair ones as they are living symbols of pure perfection but everyone also know not to cross any of these creatures as they have strength and power beyond any human weapon. After Isobel makes the horrible mistake of painting Rook with a human expression, she learns first-hand what’s beneath the glamour of the fairy perfection – an unearthly beast with powers deeply rooted in nature. However, Rook quickly learns that Isobel’s mistake was unintentional and warm feelings grow between them. Alas, love between a human and a fair one is the biggest crime of all and they have to face many struggles for their indiscretion which there is no turning back from.

I was really amazed by how much I enjoyed this book. It is a bit silly and romance driven at times but in a good way. It’s a very atmospheric read, meaning, as places and situations change you can easily picture it even though the fairy courts are such magical places. I also liked the writing style and the characters. Although I didn’t care that much for Isobel, I liked her artistic force and loved the arrogant, self-righteous nature of the fair folk – it was so over the top it reminded me of a playful Thranduil!

I also included this book in my Autumn Reads Recommendations for fantasy books since it’s a romantic, seasonal story that will be a super cozy read on a rainy night! Let me know what YOUR thought were on this book and if you have any awesome recommendations for autumn reads below!

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Goodreads rating: 3.6/5

Page count: 300

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