They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

July 30, 2018

Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio both get a call around midnight from Death-Cast telling them, they’re going to die. Death-Cast is an organization that can predict your dying day but not the exact hour, which means, you have the opportunity to live out your final dreams – or hide in your bedroom until your destiny catch up with you.

Mateo and Rufus come from very different environments and although they share a few common elements, such as knowing the loss of a parent, they have very different personalities as well. Mateo is overly careful, suspicious and a lonely introvert who dreams of being brave and trying extreme measures. Rufus has created solid relationships at his foster home, he bikes around town and share pictures on Instagram but the loss of his family lingers every day.

Once the two boys have gotten their respective Death-Cast calls they try to accept their destiny but they don’t want to face their final day alone. Through a popular app called “Final Friend” they find each other and set out on a journey of last goodbyes, last experiences and last lessons on life.   

Throughout the story we get tiny glimpses of people who in some way or other has been close to the same environment as either Rufus or Mateo and who has not yet received the Death-Cast call. It’s an interesting way to create little breaks from the main story and in my opinion, it works very well. The story itself only takes place over the course of one day but the pace is rather slow and it can feel a little dragged out.

The concept of knowing when your final day on Earth will be and how you would spend it is incredibly interesting and is definitely the core of this book. Adam Silvera has created characters who seem so realistic and diverse that you kind of forget that this is fiction (I’m not a big fan of either MC’s but they work very well for the story). 

Silvera asks big questions and it definitely makes you want to debate some heavy topics. All in all, the book itself could have been 50-100 pages shorter since you get the point rather quickly but I still truly enjoyed this read and I’m so happy I picked it up!


We never act, only react once we realize the clock is ticking

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