12 Books to Look Forward to in Spring

January 20, 2023

Here we go again with a list of 12 Books to Look Forward to in Spring. It’s a new year with new reading goals and resolutions. Do you want to read more diverse genres? Maybe try a few new authors or dive into a retelling of a favourite story or mythology? This list might help you tick off those boxes with a great mix of genres, genders, authors and plot lines.

How many are you adding to your TBR?

delicious monsters book cover

Delicious Monsters
By Liselle Sambury

A hopeful escape becomes a nightmare in this YA horror story with ghosts and monsters dwelling in a family home. Need more convincing? We also get multiple timelines.

Publication date: February 28th

she is a haunting book cover

She is a Haunting
By Trang Thanh Tran

Vietnamese-American Jade visits her family in Vietnam with a goal in mind but gets sidetracked by a creepy house and a ghost who bring warnings. Another YA horror resembling Mexican Gothic.

Publication date: February 28th

Gothikana book cover

By Runyx

A mysterious admissions letter transports Corvina to a university on top of a mountain. Throw in people disappearing, an enigmatic professor and it’s a dark academia with a lot of potential!

Publication date: March 16th

the witch and the vampire book cover

The Witch and the Vampire
By Francesca Flores

A queer retelling of Rapunzel? An adventure through a cursed forest full of dangers? This modern fairytale will most likely pack a punch – hopefully brought on by some badass broads.

Publication date: March 21st

greymist fair book cover

Greymist Fair
By Francesca Zappia

Promising fairytale vibes in the spirit of Brothers Grimm with a twist of mystery and murder? The new release from Zappia (Eliza and her Demons) is bound to be a wickedly good time.

Publication date: March 28th

atalante book cover

By Jennifer Saint

The queen of Greek mythology retellings is back. This time it’s with the story of Atalanta – a woman raised by bears who carries many titles. She is the only female hero in the Argonauts, a huntress, lover and survivor. This woman is not to be taken lightly.

Psst, if you’re looking for more Greek mythology retellings from a female perspective, check out The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker.

Publication date: April 13th

in the lives of puppets book cover

In the Lives of Puppets
By TJ Klune

The master of wholesome character development is back with a Pinocchio inspired story. Android and humans live peacefully together, don’t they? A stranger android might reveal a darker past and lead this found family on an adventure.

Publication date: April 25th

happy place book cover

Happy Place
By Emily Henry

In this rom-com, to exes pretend to still be a couple for the sake of their friends. Their beloved cabin is up for sale and Harriet and Wyn don’t want to spoil a last hurrah. This year’s group getaway is going to get complicated.

Publication date: April 27th

the water outlaws book cover

The Water Outlaws
By S.L. Huang

Lin Chong used to train the Emperor’s soldiers and lead a humble life with her head bowed. Now, she is disgraced and branded a criminal by a vindictive man of power. With her peaceful life in ruins, she finds solace among a group of fellow outcasts called the Bandits of Liangshan. Together, these outlaws might bring down an empire.

This is a real rooting for the underdogs story inspired by a martial arts classic.Β 

Publication date: May 9th

the collected regrets of clover book cover

The Collected Regrets of Clover
By Mikki Brammer

Clover, A death doula, helps people in their final time on Earth. When an old woman sends Clover on a cross-country mission, it might be exactly what this doula needs. A new energy for life instead of always focusing on death.

Publication date: May 9th

yellowface book cover

By R.F. Kuang

When an author gets success with a new masterpiece, there’s a few issues. 1. the work is stolen from a dead Asian-American author. 2. the work is about Chinese labourers in WW1. 3. The thief is a Caucasian female.

Publication date: May 16th

witch king book cover

Witch King
By Martha Wells

He’s been killed, his consciousness trapped and now a low mage is trying to steal his magic. What has happened while he was out? And who are the Rising World Coalition? Kai is really having a bad day.

Publication date: May 30th

There you have it! 12 Books to Look Forward to in Spring (with only a tiny bit of February cheating). The dark and twisted trend continues into the new year – and we are not sorry about it. We also get to enjoy more of the Asian author wave providing history, tradition, unfairness and magic. Again, we’re very much okay with that.

How many of these books have you added to your TBR? Comment below!

When we are further into the year (and more new titles are revealed) you can look forward to a similar recommendation post for upcoming books in the Summer season. Until then, stay tuned for more recommendations, reviews and bookish fun.

*Some of the mentioned publication dates might change*

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