10 Ways to Read More

March 6, 2020

Hello Booklions! Today I’m coming at you with 10 ways to read more. Exciting right? Sometimes, life happens and it gets in the way of our beloved reading time. It’s not easy to balance everything whether it’s work, studies, family or whatever but it’s important to make some space for the things that make you happy. If you’re having trouble with time management, I’m with you – 24 hours in a day is not enough.

These 10 tips and tricks come from my own personal experience and I truly hope they can help you.

Here are my 10 ways to read more:

1. Listen to your story

Let’s get this one checked off first. You’ve heard it before and for a good reason. The audiobook format is an amazing tool for whenever you have some free time but no free hands. Cleaning, walking, driving or cooking – it’s  a great way to make some progress when you don’t have your physical book with you. I recommend Scribd, since their subscription is pretty cheap and they’re great at keeping up with new releases.

2. Always be prepared

If you’re not convinced that audiobooks are for you, the best way to get some reading in is to have a book with you. Always. It seems too simple but it honestly works. Visiting family or friends? Maybe they have to run errands or go to bed early. Going somewhere by public transportation? Maybe your travel mate falls asleep or wants to listen to music. My point is, always have a book with you for any type of social breaks where you can get a few chapters in.

3. A little is better than none

Readers are the worst – I would know. We blame ourselves bad, when we end up spending the entire night on Netflix instead of reading, but we shouldn’t. Life gets busy and we get caught up in all kinds of events but we have to remember that reading is a hobby. If you can get 30 minutes in before bed, that’s still an accomplishment – and a nice way to calm down before going to sleep. Same goes for an hour on a Sunday morning or even 15 minutes between classes.

4. Expand your horizon

If you’re too set in your reading habits, it might be difficult to read as much as you’d like. Say you’ve had a long, hard day filled with complicated problems and all you read is psychological thrillers. Maybe what you really need is an easy-going contemporary to take your mind off things. The same goes for your reading environment. Take your book outside, read in a cafe or listen to some different music. The benefit of mixing things up is that it becomes easier to read no matter the situation or location.

5. Fight the slump

Oh the slump. Hated and feared by all readers. some say ride it out but I refuse to be beaten! I usually feel the slump creeping in when I hit a book hangover. When a book is just so good that I can’t imagine any other book being just as brilliant. However, I say fight it! Choose a pallet cleanser, something easy that you know from the beginning won’t rock your world but is entertaining. This can be a super hero graphic novel, a cutesy romance, an old-school crime novel or whatever. As long as its an easy read and you’re having some fun with it.

6. Track your progress

To be honest, I love the idea of tracking my reading progress -I’m just not the best at remembering to do so. It works for a lot of readers to track every page since it creates a friendly competition with yourselfCan I get 10 more pages in tonight? Let’s pass that 200 page-mark this weekend! and so on. You can do this manually in a bullet journal but you can also find free templates online. One of the most useful websites for tracking your reading progress (and discovering new titles) is by far Goodreads.

7. Always have options

Now, this is a somewhat controversial tip. From personal experience, I find it easier to pick up a book, if I’m reading multiple titles at the same time. This doesn’t mean that you should begin 10 different stories but by switching between 2-3 books, you can make some great reading progress without feeling stuck in that one story-line. This isn’t for everyone but it works for a lot of mood readers who pick up a book according to their current state. It gives you a lot of freedom, but I would advise to keep the books in different genres (like romance, crime and fantasy). That way, you won’t be confused by keeping up with two different magic systems at once, two different murder trials etc.

8. Find yourself a partner in crime

If you feel unmotivated to read because you’re a social person or you’re tired of finishing amazing books without having anyone to scream with, fret not. Find yourself a buddy reader! If you don’t have a friend or family member who reads, you can always turn to the online bookish community – we love to rant about books together. If you feel a bit uncomfortable approaching a “stranger” booknerd, there are tons of book clubs and buddy read groups. Goodreads Groups is an excellent place to start. Pick your interest (fantasy, romance, YA etc.) and join a group to discuss books and make friends for life.

9. Keep it real

Although setting goals for yourself is awesome, don’t forget to keep them somewhat realistic. If you vow to read 20 books every month, you’re most likely going to fail. We all have family, friends, work, school, other hobbies and whatnot that will cut into our precious reading time. If you set your goals unrealistically high, it will only stress you when you fall behind. You’ll miss out by hurrying through books to reach the finish line or you might even lose interest in reading, because it feels like a chore. Don’t pay attention to what and how much everyone else is reading, just make sure you set a goal that’s reachable for you.

10. Show some library love

If you don’t want to spend all of your allowance or salary on books you’re not sure you’ll love, your library is a gift from the heavens. What I often do, when starting a new series, is to pick up the first book from the library and if I love it, then I buy the series. We should always support amazing authors but when our To-Be-Read piles are stacking up, our credit cards can feel overwhelmed. Like everything else in life it’s about priorities and sacrifices. Can’t live without Cassandra Clare’s new release? Buy it. Don’t know the author of a book everyone’s raving about? Library.


I hope you can use some of these 10 ways to read more but in the end, no one knows what works for you better than, well,  you! If you prefer reading with your head upside down or begin with the last page, don’t let anybody tell you that it’s wrong. Whatever makes you happy when you read, do it. That’s honestly the best advice I can give you.

These are my 10 ways to read more. I apply most of these in my own reading routine, however, everyone is different. Remember that reading should always be fun and never feel like a chore. If you’re looking for books that are great reads when you’re short on time check out my list of Limited Time Recommendations.

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